HCG Diet for Truckers!


  This is an awesome diet for truckers.  We didn't develop it, but we taylored it you, the hardworking drivers who keep our country going with little credit and even less respect. 

     A little history about this diet appears below.  For very specific information, click on the Products/FAQ tab and most of your questions will be answered.  If not, contact us and we will gladly get back to you!  If you need this product delivered to you personally, email us as soon as you know you are coming across I-44 in Missouri and we can meet you at the Love's Truckstop at Exit 189 and put it in your hand (during reasonable hours, of course).  We will take your Comcheck or T-check as well.

     The original HCG diet was developed by London born Dr. ATW Simeon over sixty years ago.  He was an endocrinologist who treated patients in various parts of the world, but found a strange phenomenon in India in the 1930s.  He treated patients with gland issues causing them to be overweight, and  pregnant women who were malnourished yet had healthy babies.  He found that these pregnant women had extremely high levels of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG.  The hormone was causing the fat cells of the mother to release their contents into the blood stream to feed the unborn baby.

     Armed with this discovery, he began injecting obese patients with small doses of HCG and they started losing weight, lots of weight!  The catch was that in order to trick the body into releasing the fat into the blood stream so that it could be eliminated from the body, a very low calorie diet (VLCD) was necessary.

      His experiments showed that by eating 500 calories a day of very specific foods, men lost 1 - 2 pounds per day  on average, and women lost .5 - 1 pound per day on average for up to 40 days in a row with very little hunger, before developing an immunity to HCG.  During the three weeks after the HCG injections, the brain center that regulates weight (the hypothalamus) reset itself to a lower weight, thus allowing patients to keep off the weight they lost instead of gaining it right back.  If patients had more weight to lose, they could resume the HCG and diet after a six week break.
     Dr. Simeons published his findings in 1954 and this diet was and is used in Europe extensively,  in conjunction with B-12 shots. B-12 is used to reduce stress and cortisol and further increase metabolism. The diet has gained popularity in the United States because it works quickly without the need to exercise and has no side effects except occasional constipation.  HCG is FDA approved for fertility treatment (in much higher doses than taking it for weight loss).

     Most people do not want the expense of doctor visits or discomfort of taking shots every day and some worry about how safe it is to take hormones, so a natural alternative exists:  Homeopathic HCG.  This is a liquid that is held under the tongue (sublingual is the medical name) for two minutes so that it goes directly into the blood stream.  It is taken three times a day and when combined with a very low calorie diet, produces the same effects as the injections of the hormone HCG.  It is available in homeopathic (natural) liquid form without a prescription.